NTL California Shamrocks

Hailing from the City of Angels in sunny southern California,  the Shamrocks are a magnificent force in the exhilarating world of team-based horse racing! As one of the six founding teams of the groundbreaking National Thoroughbred League, their legacy is sure to be etched in the annals of equestrian history.

With a stable of finely-tuned equine athletes, each bearing the indomitable spirit of speed and grace, the Shamrocks are poised to ignite the racetrack with a symphony of hooves and hearts, thrilling audiences worldwide with their unrivaled commitment to victory, sportsmanship, and the purest expression of equine excellence.

In a sport where horsepower meets teamwork, they stand as the true embodiment of the thrill, the chase, and the magic that is horse racing.

Meet the California Shamrocks

Home City: Los Angeles

Home Racecourse: Los Alamos 

Team Affiliate Jockey: Chantel Sutherland

Team Affiliate Trainer: Steve Asmussen


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Team Ownership

Bob Daugherty
Moira Forbes
Baron Davis