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The Mission of the National Thoroughbred League is to deliver the greatest sports and entertainment experience in the world. We bring joy, energy and excitement through our league of NTL teams. Safety of horses, jockeys and all participants is our priority. And innovation, inclusivity and sustainability are the core drivers of our future growth and value in the horse racing industry.



  • Passion: At National Thoroughbred League, your passion for horse racing is met with unforgettable experiences. Our commitment to excellence means you’ll enjoy top-tier events, and our focus on safety ensures peace of mind for all involved.
  • Excellence: The league is dedicated to achieving excellence in all aspects of its operations, from event management to marketing to innovation.
  • Teamwork, Respect, and Safety: NTL fosters a culture of teamwork and respect among its employees, participants, and partners. The league prioritizes the safety and well-being of horses, jockeys, and all individuals involved in its events.
  • Fun and Community: NTL strives to create welcoming and fun events for all fans, participants, and stakeholders. The league actively engages with local communities and supports initiatives that promote the growth and sustainability of the horse racing industry.

STRUCTURE & competition Format

Structure and Format. During the season, the NTL will host a Cup Series, which is a competition structure that involves 10 teams, with two horses and their jockeys per team. The Cup Series follows a league table format, with points accumulated throughout the season. Teams compete in a series of races, each contributing to their overall standing in the league.
The NTL Championship was founded in 2023 and its independent governing body sets the rules and regulations for the league. The championship consists of races held at throughout the year across the country, showcasing the best thoroughbreds and jockeys in the world. Points are awarded based on the finishing position of each horse in a race. The team with the highest total points at the end of the season is crowned the NTL Champion. This format ensures a thrilling and competitive season, with teams strategizing and battling it out to secure the top spot in the league table.

2024 Cup Series


August 31 – Sept 1

The Million-Dollar Weekend, hosted by Tanya Tucker


October 18 – 19

Oktober-Fast, hosted by Dr. J, Julius Erving


December 29 – 30

Championship Fiesta Weekend

Ticket Info Coming Soon



September 3 • Kentucky Downs 

Saratoga Flash

New Jersey Racing Club

October 14

November 11

We are Hiring

The National Thoroughbred League is looking is looking for dynamic individuals driven by a passion for and a deep commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for its fans and patrons.  A love of horseracing and someone who is fast out of the gate, finishes strong and wants to be in the Winner Circle is a Trifecta!

Send your resume to:  HR@NTL.Racing

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